ST Staple

Motif Glossary

ST Staple


A motif of four or five consecutive residues and one H-bond in which there is:

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ST Staple-4   ST Staple-5


There are sub-categories to distinguish between Ser and Thr for each of the 4-residue and 5-residue variants.


Milner-White, unpublished


1. The current definition differs slightly from that used previously, in that it explicitly restricts the inner residues to the αR conformation, excluding any in the βR conformation.

2. The Ser or Thr side-chain can be regarded as stapling together two adjacent turns of α-helix.

3. Because of the stipulation for an αR conformation in the loop residues, 5-residue ST Staples will almost invariably also have a main-chain H-bond between the NH of residue-5 and the CO of residue-1 (see 3D view).